Immature little bitches

Don’t you wish you could insert a tiny camera into your uterus and watch what the fuck is going on in your body?  Because I’d REALLY like to know why the hell 50 million sperm can’t reach one egg.  Seriously guys….seriously.  A little mo’, cardio.

Tomorrow is my third round of IUI, this time with Femara (letrozole).  In the past two IUI cycles, I developed a cyst with Clomid and it made my uterine lining a bit thinner than they would like.  Luckily, I didn’t experience any side effects with Femara either.  Luckily for my husband as well…as the rage monster did not surface.

In doing IUI, I’ve discovered something about my eggs.  ……  Those fucking cunts are immature little bitches.  Let me explain.  When a woman is born, she has approximately 400,000 follicles per ovary…so 800,000 total.  A follicle is a fluid-filled sac that houses the actual egg.  There’s a bunch of shit that happens (I won’t get into that) and pretty much, the eggs Battle Royale it until there are only a few follicles left, about 5 per ovary.  With each menstrual cycle these follicles compete with each other until one follicle starts to outgrow the others.  While the Last Highlander egg follicle grows, the other eggs give up and die.  The single dominant follicle grows to over 20mm in diameter, then spurts out a mature egg.  Usually when doing fertility treatments, the hormone drugs you take supposedly helps these eggs mature into adulthood.  And they would like to see at least two follicles around 18mm-20mm, so that your chances of conception are better.

Well…my eggs are determined to stay immature little shits.  Because every time they ultrasound those whores, I usually have just ONE egg at a 15mm size.  You GD hobags.

And in other good news….there are two physician’s assistants who do my ultrasounds and IUI procedures.  One is this super nice woman who is always so careful and gentle with me and she constantly asks if I’m okay.  The other….Ser Ilyn Payne the fucking grim reaper royal executioner of IUI procedures.  Guess who I get tomorrow.   Fucking great.