It’s not a toomah…but maybe it is

For the past month, I’ve been having some pretty bad lower back pain.  So bad that I can’t even sneeze without a sharp pain stabbing me in the back.  And I’m pretty sure it’s spreading to my buttocks and thighs.  I didn’t injure it in any way and I barely work out anymore.  So what is it from exactly?  My brain tells me I have bone cancer and a tumor pressing on my spine.  My doctor tells me my ab muscles have liquefied into sludge, so I have nothing supporting my back.  Either way, it’s not good.

I’ve went to a regular doctor, a chiropractor, a masseuse, and an acupuncturist.  But nothing has helped.  So now I’m going to be doing physical therapy.  I’ve also considered endometriosis, which I’ve never been tested for.  But can endometriosis cause back pain all of a sudden, late in life?  I don’t know.  Sigh.  All I know is, I go to some kind of doctor every fucking week, sometimes twice in one week.  And tomorrow I meet with my fertility doctor to discuss IVF.  The dreaded IVF.  I’m pretty sure my health insurance company wants to drop me as a client since I make them pay a million dollars for all the services I use.

Every year I get older, the more health complications I get.  It’s like one after another, after another, after another.  I feel like I should be put out to pasture and shot in the head already.  Especially since I have cancer of the bone marrow or something….fuck.