Egg Harvesting

So my egg retrieval surgery went well.


They extracted 20 eggs, 11 were mature enough to fertilize, 10 survived fertilization, and 7 made it to the embryo stage.  Now we are in the process of getting them genetically tested.  Hoping we at least get a starting five!  Don’t worry, we’re only implanting ONE in there….we don’t need another octo-mom situation happening.  Fuck that.

Let me tell you, it was a relief to get those suckers out of me.  I had difficulty walking because my ovaries were sore and chock full of eggs.  But that didn’t compare to the pain I felt when I woke up from surgery.  Oh my god my uterus was on FIRE.  I couldn’t stop shaking because of the searing pain.  Just from this moment alone, it made me realize that I’m going to need an epidural like a motherfucker when the time comes.  I cannot handle uterus pain…nope.

Thank baby jesus for pain meds…I could not have survived without them.  But then came the constipation.  A side effect from IVF drugs and pain meds, the constipation was a fucking bitch.  I had these sharp stomach pains that would come in waves.  So enter in Miralax and prune mui (prunes with liquid li hing mui sauce).  And lucky me, I’m going to have constipation again once I do my egg transfer procedure.

giphy (2)

So right now I’m prepping my uterus to house a fetus.  And I know this beeyotch is a hostile motherfucker who rages with the fire of a thousand suns, so hopefully the long list of pills I have to take will make it happy.  Round two of IVF drugs include: synthroid, birth control, doxycycline mono, estrace [causes stomach upset, you effing bitch], methylprednisolone, baby aspirin, and progesterone shots in the butt.  Thank god I have a month before I start the ass shots…

And for the millionth time….this better be worth it.

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