It’s not about gun control, it’s about saving lives

Before you read this, let me just say that I don’t claim to know anything about law-making, or laws on firearms, anything to do with weapons of mass destruction, and school safety.  These are just my thoughts about the current events happening right now.  Even though I fully believe in the second amendment, I do not own a firearm myself.  I do like rifles, because I am pretty good at shooting one, but it’s never something I seriously thought about owning.  Knowing me, I’d probably accidentally shoot myself if I did have one…so it’s a good thing I don’t.

All politics and NRA-mindedness aside, let me ask you this.  Do you really think it’s okay for a mentally and emotionally unstable person to be able to walk into a store and purchase a weapon of mass destruction legally?  Or a person who is on the FBI-watch list for possible terrorism?  Or a person who is a domestic abuser and beats his spouse?  Or a person who has had the cops called on them several times for “violent behavior?”  You really think it’s perfectly FINE for these people to have easy access to a weapon that can mow down hundreds of people in a matter of minutes?  You think that’s okay??  If you do….well then you might be mentally insane yourself and I can’t help you.


But for the rest of us with common sense…you probably don’t think that’s okay.  And that is what they call GUN CONTROL.  This issue of guns is so sensitive to most people and I think it’s absolutely ridiculous.


Gun control doesn’t mean taking away your guns.  It just means making it harder to get one.  Like how it’s harder to get on an airplane and forcing you to give up those dangerous bottles of water and jars of cookie butter?  Like that.


We need more extensive background checks and psychological examinations before a person can legally buy a gun.  We just do.  And for those of you that say, but that will only affect law-abiding citizens.  Yes…you are correct.  But that’s what A LAW IS FOR.  Are you saying that, in general, laws don’t work?  Then why have them?  Sure, go ahead and drive 100 mph in a residential area.  See what happens.  Sure, let a 10-year old child purchase alcohol.  See what happens.  Sure, let babies sit in the front seat of a car with no car seat.  SEE. WHAT. HAPPENS.  There’s a reason for laws…albeit some are dumb yes.  But there is a good reason for most laws; to prevent harm, to preserve peace and order, etc. etc.  Criminals will break laws, no matter what they are.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have them.

We need to make the access to guns a little bit more difficult than it is right now.  In some states, you don’t even need a background check.  That is absurd!!!  And I know, nowadays people have been using their cars to mow down people.  And currently, we don’t need background checks to purchase or rent a car.  But you know what, I wouldn’t protest if they did have something in place.  Sure, it would be a fucking bitch to buy a car…but maybe it would help.  I don’t know.

Here are some other options our government/President have been offering, to solve these mass shooting occurrences:

Arm teachers.  Give teachers guns.  Train them to fight.  Hah.  Okay.  Dude…these are TEACHERS.  They’re not Navy Seals.  Their job is to teach your fucking children math and shit.  Not to defend their class against monsters with AR-15s.  You really want to purchase a gun and train every teacher on the planet?  Good luck with that.  You better start paying them more.  School counselors too…hint hint.

Have armed security at all schools.  Okay, that would be nice.  If the school was a prison.  I work on a campus that is very open and very accessible to anyone that wants to come here.  As are most schools in Hawaii, we are outdoor campuses.  Once you step outside your classroom, you are OUTSIDE.  We don’t have gates.  We don’t have indoor hallways.  We don’t have a couple of entrances.  We have a million.  We are basically cannon fodder for an active shooter.  There is not enough armed security to man our campus.  And we’re just one school.  There is no possible way for every school in this country to have sufficient manpower to safely guard every access point on every campus.  But sure…give us one or two armed guards.  He or she won’t do much when it comes to protecting our 52-acre campus.  But any help is better than no help.  Good luck with guarding UH Manoa’s 320 open acres.

Install metal detectors.  Again…where exactly?  We have a million entrances to our campus.  Metal detectors can’t help when you have a million access points.  And don’t tell me you’re going to build a fucking wall around every campus.  You didn’t even finish your other wall.

Install bulletproof doors.  Okay, I would absolutely LOVE IT if we had bulletproof doors and windows.  I totally believe in this solution.  But again, where are we getting the money to install bulletproof doors on every campus??  We’re talking billions of doors right?  Most of our public schools can’t even afford air conditioning or the electrical wires to power an AC device.  You think we have the money for bulletproof doors?  That’ll have to come out of the Pres’ wallet my dears.

We need to come together and love one another and give more support to children who are being bullied and who are alone.  Yes yes, all good things.  As a school counselor, my job is to support people, so I agree with this statement.  But, LET’S BE REAL.  We are not going to unite as one and all that bullshit.  Kids will not stop bullying kids.  And you’re not going to start hanging out with the socially awkward guy who smells like B.O. at work.  I know we wish everyone got along peacefully…but that’s only a wish.  The moment someone cuts you off while driving you’re going to curse them and wish they die a horrible death.


We NEED active shooter drills.  I fully believe in training all staff, in every school and in every workplace across the country to do active shooter drills and emergency trainings, even nuclear ballistic missile ones.  But just today, I heard Trump saying that he doesn’t believe in active shooter trainings.  Like WHAT THE FUCK??  You don’t even want us to BE PREPARED in case this situation ever happens?!?!?!??!  How backwards are you???  Soooo…you want us to be sitting ducks/running outside wildly/climbing into manholes in a real live situation then.  Because that is what will happen, when it happens.  I mean something even as simple as a lockdown drill, or learning how to barricade a classroom with the furniture you have in there, would be helpful.  And don’t you worry about scaring your children when you explain to them about active shooter drills.  They are a lot more resilient than you think.

Anyway…in conclusion…we need to do something.  ANYTHING will be helpful.  Doing NOTHING is not.  This shit is ridiculous and it’s awful that we have to live in a society where mass shootings are acceptable.  Just GDamn do something okay.

(*Side Comment:  In Parkland’s case, I think the FBI dropped the ball on this one.  Don’t tell me you can’t find the person, who used his real name, who made a comment on a Youtube video.  Really…really.)